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Bonga stretch tent Triflexx doublecoated (560 g/m²) set

Original price €2.113,26 - Original price €14.009,71
Original price
€2.113,26 - €14.009,71
Current price €2.113,26
€2.557,04 incl. IVA
Color: Cream (out) / Cream (in)


Download here the technical file and dossier of our Bonga stretch tent to have all the technical details and information always available at your hand! 

Flexible setup

Give your event, party, summer bar, terrace or garden a summerly and southern touch with our Bonga double coated stretch tent, also called nomad tent. Thanks to the elastic cloth and the movable poles of aluminium or ultra strong eucalyptus wood (pole sets are to be purchased separately) you can play with the setup of the tent: when the weather is nice, you set it up with four open sides, when it’s windy with one or more closed sides and in case of rainfall you can set up the tent almost completely closed. The bigger your tent, the more possibilities you have. Do you want to create an extra entrance during the event or is a side or corner pole in the way? You can always make small changes to the setup while the tent is up.

Stretch tent cloth

The 560 g/m² cloth consists of three layers and is treated on the outside with a protective water proof PVC coating. Moreover, it is fire retardant in accordance with class M2, UV resistant and wind resistant up to 8 beaufort (85 km/h). It can withstand pulling forces up to 1000 N / 5 cm. Our double coated stretch tents are perfect for long-term semi-professional use (from a couple of weeks up to a couple of months) and you can easily set them up with two or three persons, depending on the size. 

Made-to-measure and keder

Are the standard sizes of our stretch tents not what you are looking for? No worries, because our stretch tents can be made-to-measure as well. That way, you can purchase a tent that perfectly fits your garden or terrace. And are the biggest sizes not big enough? Then you can simply connect tents to one another. Over and above this all, you can connect your stretch tent (with keder) seamlessly to a wall using a keder rail.

What is included on the price?

  • Canvas 560g/m2
  • Side clamps, corner clamps, pole caps, adaptors for wooden poles, screws, blind nuts, 2 PVC carry bags. 
  • Set of pegs 80cm * amount depending on tent size
  • Set of tension straps 4cm * amount depending on tent size
  • Set of carabiners and eye bolts * amount depending on tent size
  • Set of aluminium or wooden poles (depending on your choice above)

All the items are available for purchase separately. We also have different peg sizes and many other accessories you can use for your set up. You can also buy the tent without some of the accessories. Please contact us for a customized quotation!  

Did you know the Bonga stretchtents are 100% home-made? 

The demand for stretch tents is continuing to rocket. That is why motivated professionals go to work with equal passion for our tents and contribute to the excellent reputation that Bonga evokes today. A dedicated team of people use their craftsmanship and knowledge of products and materials to produce high quality stretch tents. Our team has over fifty years of combined experience, which is also passed on in full to new team members.

The result: a high-quality stretch tent made in Belgium at a reasonable price.


  • Play with the form of the tent and the position of the poles
  • Movable clamps
  • Waterproof
  • Reinforced corners
  • Reinforced side seams every meter
  • Connectable
  • Made-to-measure tents possible
  • Spare parts separately available


  • Double coated
  • Number of cloth layers: 3
  • Cloth weight: 560 g/m² (EN ISO 2286-2)
  • Maximum pulling forces: 1000 N / 5 cm (EN ISO 1421 - EN ISO 4676-1B - EN ISO 2411)
  • UV index: 8 (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Wind-resistant up to 85 km/h | up to 8 beaufort
  • Thermally welded seams (ISO 13936-1)
  • Fire retardant in accordance with class M2 (NF P 92-503) / B1
  • Anti-fungal
  • Water column 8000 mm

The lifestyle pictures showcase Bongas of different colors and sizes. Choose the one that fits best for you and your space ! We also do custom made tents to fit your space and needs. If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 


  • SKU: BON655DC
  • Size:
  • Structure Material:
  • Cloth Material: Triflexx doublecoated
  • Cloth Material Info:
  • Length:
  • Weight of Fabric: 560 g/m²
  • Width:
  • Surface:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Walk Throught Height:
  • Number of Persons Standing:
  • Maximum People Standing:
  • Number of Persons Sitting:
  • Maximum People Sitting:
  • Tubes Diameter:
  • Included Parts:
  • Box Length: 120
  • Box Width: 80
  • Box Height: 40
  • Tubes Wall Thickness:
  • Additional Information: